At our meeting this week, we gave out 27 academic, vocational, and music scholarships for a total value of $32,000.  Winners include: Jacey Behl, Baeden Cortez, Amber Davis, Alejandro Dealba, Justin Doty, Selena Flores, Tiara Francisco, Kaesha Freyaldenhoven, Taylor Gator, Alexandra Goodison, Kelsey Harper, Ryan Hsieh, Daniel Jennings, Jessica Judge, Shaina Levin, Lily McCann, Ruby McCann, Timothy Maas, Mark Mendez, Rhianna Ruiz, Mardell Stackhouse, Caitlin Stanton, Austen Trout, David White, Austin Wright, and Nora Zakaria.
Thanks to our club members for putting in the time and money necessary to make our fundraisers a success. And thanks also to the many community members who support our Homes of Distinction Tour and Spaghetti-Western. Be proud! You're helping to educate our leaders of tomorrow.